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Life as I see it

March 24th, 2008

(no subject) @ 09:59 am

So for about a second the baby might have been born.. but it was only practice... Just about two weeks until she is due. I am very excited. I am almost done with one of the blankets I am making, with hte yarn choosen by J. Once done with that I will start the one chosen by me.
They are both gonna be super cute.

I actually get a small break at school this week. Not a lot of homework. YAY. I did not do any homework this weekend, I did not even think about it. It was NICE.

I also do not have highschool today, so I can just take it easy, get some homework done in advance, work on the baby blanket, clean the room, etc. I have even less homework due the next week, just one assignment.. were this week is 4 assignments.. the week before was like 7 or 8. So this is very nice.

I seriously only have 14 or 15 more assignments.. I am so close to being done this semester.

Then I go home work at B&BW. Gear up for my studetn teaching semester. I have been warned by multiple people it is going to be exhuasting. But hey it will be my last semester and I can apply all that I have learned.

what is going to happen in life after that??? I do not really know right now.

March 11th, 2008

So it has been about forever... @ 02:12 pm

Long time no see huh?

I have been pretty busy and when I have more time to myself usuaaly I am not near a computer wiht internet capabilities. THough over the summer and through the fall at moms I definately have to pay for internet to be at home. I have school things that i need to get done over the summer and Student Teaching in the Fall!!!

Yes. 6 weeks left to this semester and then only student teaching. I am super happy about this..
Though it would not seem like it because lately I have a lot of complaints. School has been frustrating.. not like last semester in whihc i did not know hwat I was supposed to be doing but in the sense of not only too much work but what seems like more of busy work.

Classes are not being that difficult. Like my Ecology class is relatively easy. It is just frustrating that I am in a 300 level class at a university and some of hte students still do not understand the concept of what an experiment is. Or they do not read the lab they are to work on for hte day so all they ahve is questions. I may not always do all of the reading I ma supposed to do but I always know what is being discussed and can join into converstations wihtout a problem. Now because one of the guys miss class often I am stuck wiht him in my presentation group.... I knwo I will have to carry his wieght. It sometimes astounds me how far some people have gotten without hte knowledge.

As for my other classes they seem repetitive and not really enough material to spread through three classes, I think that maybe shortening them up to two classes or a really big one class would be a better means of teaching.

So I knwo that I wil be student teaching in Warren Consolidated. Hopefully if they finda teacher willing... If not maybe I can transfer over to utica or something, I was told they have found several chemistry placesments over there in the past.

WE will see. I will keep in touch with my supervisor so I can stay updated.

The waiting game is the worst.

January 22nd, 2008

(no subject) @ 05:11 pm

10 days until beths wedding.. less then a week!!!! This weekend is her bachorlerette party! its going to bethy style fun. Drinks, movies, popcorn and a bunch of us girls just hanging out having fun. Talking about weddings and babies and the like. I think of all the girls that will be there... 3 are married, 2 are engaged and only 2-3 of us are dating or single.. (not inclduing bethy)

So the plan for the next few days, since I have no more homeowrk due this week I am going to get ahead for the next two weeks. as much as i can.. that way i dont have to worry about homework this weekend or next!

I do not know where dad and kim are staying or how long but I will have saturday and sunday free.. and sean should have saturday night and sudnay free. We are probably going to be in chelsea, about 20 minutes from where beth and bob are getting married. So just let me know whats going on..

oh and i have no classes on monday... just work but if i told joe (my boss) that you guys are in town.. including grandma and aunt cathie.. then he will let me off the hook that day!

December 25th, 2007

(no subject) @ 02:44 pm

Merry Christmas!!! Out at my brother and sister in laws place. Lots of fun..

My tooth , or absence of is doing great. Feels soo much better. it doesnt hurt anymore, or actualy very often.

and I earned 3 A's and A- and a B this year. One of my best years at college.

December 17th, 2007

(no subject) @ 11:49 pm

I am going to the dentist tommorow. I called her this afternoon and she quickly made an appointment for me tommorow at 11.. she might pull the tooth. I have a feeling though that she wont. I hope she lances the abcess and she will probably issue me new, better, stronger antibiotics.. Though my cheek looks much more painful than when it was just the tooth, it is actually less painful. The pain is spread out, so it aches more then with teh tooth hurting with sharp pain. Luckily I can afford the visit tommorow, so this is good. Now I just hope that I can stop looking like quazimoto.. and possible get a full nights sleep for once.

Ha last night, I woke up about 4 in pain, so I took a pill and then read in teh living room waiting for it to kick in. ONce it did I shut off the light and before I adjusted to the dark, I turned to go into the room and ran into the corner of the wall. I have a little lump on my eyebrow. lol funny and clumsy..
The bad thing about being clumst right now is that every once in a while I hit my mouth.. can you say ooooow.

oh I have the best boyfriend in the world. Whne I called the dentist and she told me the time of hte appointent I didnt know if I woud have a ride.. so I looked up the bus route and found one that wold work.. it turned a 20 min drive into a 50 minute drive.. awfull. But I also called sara (seans sister) and sean.. neithe answered but I left a message with both.. both called me back. Sara first and she said she could give me a ride. then sean called and said he could give me a ride. aww nice.. So now I have to call sara back to let her know she is off the hook becuase sean is going to be on campus anyway.

(no subject) @ 10:29 am

Last night my face looked like this

This Morning my face looked like this... its growing.

December 16th, 2007

(no subject) @ 03:15 pm

So the tooth situation..

I ended up going to a dentist on saturday becuase I couldnt take it anymore.. They took x-rays. My tooth that had a root canal done on it failed. So it is very much infected.
I have two choices... Get it fixed. through the crown... which is really really expensive. or I can get it pulled which is much less expensive... I am going to get it pulled. its a back tooth so grandma backed me on it.

I have a scipt for antibodics and painkillers.
It is still difficult to eat.. and now the side of mouth is swollen. ick.

but its getting better and I know now how to fix the problem..

I just need to find a dentist that will help me out and get the tooth out.. for a payment plan maybe...

December 14th, 2007

(no subject) @ 11:01 am

So I have this tooth that has been hurting for a couple of days... a lot.
I have tried to get a dentist to see me, and most wont even accept a person wihtout insurance and on top of htat those that do, wont even consider doing a payment plan with me. I have no credit becuase I have never had a credit card, nor have I started payment on my loans.. so i have nothing

Oh and the one place I foudn out here that work with people like me, you have to become qualified to become a patient.. and they only do qualifications twice a year.. I missed that by only a few days.. yippie.

Luckily Mom says that J and TJ foudn a place that worked with them,, and mandy Says that Kathy knows of a place that worked with her.... But they are both back at home so I have to wait until at least wednesday if not later to get my tooth fixed or even looked at. So I am taking tons of ibprofen, and asprin, and using the orajel.. whcih only works for 20 min... Just have to get through less then a week....

The saddest part is that it hurts to close my mouth all the way... (as in teeth together) so eating is AWFUL.. and i love eating :(

December 9th, 2007

(no subject) @ 09:29 am

Saw the Golden Compass last night. It was amazing.. So I decided I wanted to read the books..

Little did I know there is big contraversy..

I guess the golden compass is about anti-catholic/christian things..
I read the reviews and I can see were they are coming from, but not based on the book itself, but based on what the auther has stated in interviews tehn reading the book... If you just read the book I think you will se more about anti-authority... (Well based on the shortened versions I read) In the last book they kill god.. and people are fired up about this.. but it turns out this is just someone callig themselved god... I can see where people can get upset.

It was funny though, a man a pastor or something said that he was fearful of children writing it becuas it made atheist hero's... I am not sure kids are that gullable that they will become whatever there hero is... I mean yeah want to be a basketball player, but stop believing in god...
I think that is the point of the book really, Certain christians would like to take the choices away, so that children have no choice but to choose... And that is the point.. We all deserve free will, even though that may mean a disregard of religon.. IF you beleive in god then you believe god made free will a part of your make up... he wouldnt have given you the abillity to quetion if he did not want you to use it.

plus one reviewer was appaled becuase it was about female circumcision?? I did not get that from the movie or the synapses.. (she supposedly got it from the synapses) She didnt even read the full book... Odd..

December 3rd, 2007

Hey DAD and SMOM @ 11:36 pm

I just wanted to let you know, if you ahvent heard. Mom had her surgery today. She had a hysderectimy and her herina tooken care of. Beth, bob and I were there when the surgery was over and she looked good. SHe had good color and of course was a little groggy but came out of it quickly and well. There is still a chance they will do the surgery on teh hemrhoids we will find out tommorow.
Grandpa is doing a bit better, he is actually moving around on his own a little. movig his legs around doing some lifting. A neurologist saw him today but we do not know the results of that. There is a possibility of a stroke.

Life as I see it